New Guard leather

Throughout the history of the leather subculture, a variety of traditions have been observed, often diligently. While most or all are based on military protocols and ritual, these traditions varied widely between regions, causing much debate today over which traditions are the “original” or “true” traditions, or whether the “romanticized versions of leather history” ever existed at all.

As time has progressed and BDSM has become more mainstream (see below), the traditions of leather has adapted. The first major evolution has become known as “New Leather” or “New Guard”. However, even this is the subject of some disagreement, as many noted authors and historians assert that there is little or no substantive differences.

Today, the leather subculture is one of many facets to semi-organized alternative sexuality. Many individuals describe long periods of introspection leading to their choice to identify as “leather”. Others do not necessarily associate their leather lifestyle with BDSM, and simply enjoy the sensory experience of leather.