While various forms of armbinder are marketed as a “monoglove”, this term is more correctly used to describe the form of armbinder often depicted in the bondage artwork of John Willie. Unlike most commercially available Armbinders that are very baggy and not particularly form fitting, John Willie’s images showed a leather glove that contoured to the exact shape and size of the arms behind the back, with the elbows always touching together, and the shoulders pulled back. The result was a very slick single arm in a glove look, hence the term “monoglove”. In reality, such monogloves are very hard to find that fit perfectly, and as such would in most circumstances require customized design and fitting for the individual wearing it. Monogloves, due to the harshness of the position, can be very difficult to wear for any prolonged periods of time, however in comparison to rope bondage can in most situation be easier to maintain. When rope bondage is used at the elbows all the stress is pinpointed to just those areas where the ropes are, increasing the risk of circulation issues. In comparison, a correctly fitting Monoglove spreads the stress down the entire length of the arms. It must be noted that John Willie’s artwork often depicted unrealistic or impossible bondage positions and equipment, however a monoglove very similar was once manufactured by Ron Brandt, and utilized extensively by the professional bondage publication scene, using models that were very experienced in maintaining such extreme and strict positions.

The John Willie style of monoglove used a different method of securing the Armbinder to the upper body, diverging from the common method of shoulder straps across the chest. Instead, a Y-shaped yoke would run up the back, fork over the shoulders, and run under the armpits; with an optional addition of a strap or chain running up the back from the Y-shaped yoke to a collar around the neck. The fingertip end of the monoglove was frequently provided with a D-ring, allowing the bound arms to be anchored into a hogtie or strappado position, or to be strapped to the front of a waist belt (forcing the hands into the crotch).