Florentine flogging

Florentine flogging is a two-handed style of flagellation used in BDSM which involves the rhythmic use of a pair of matching floggers, one in each hand of the person administering the flogging.

Mechanically, the rotation of the wrists, with hands in close proximity, is similar to the close-hand techniques of the Poi. Because of this, the technique can be used to intensify the sensation of the strikes by repeating them in a manner which has a higher rhythm and strike rate than other methods. Although it may be believed that the intensity of this technique should only be done after the person receiving the flogging has been warmed-up (meaning to slowly, gradually bringing the blood up to the surface of the skin as to not cause injury), a slower rhythm with gentle impact can be used to great warm-up effect. The skin will become pink and very warm to the touch when this has happened. One must always be careful to check when it is safe to intensify the strike impact of this specialized technique.

The strikes of the floggers come on the downward stroke or the ‘top’ of each figure-eight flail and are thrown to avoid striking the kidney or spinal area of the subject’s back as well as avoiding any areas near joints or bone. This type of flagellation should only be done on the muscular regions of the body as to prevent serious injury.

This is best done with a set of matching (identical, identically weighted or similar) floggers so that strike pressures can be most easily controlled.