Finger cot

A finger cot (also finger frock or finger stall, informally finger condom) is a medical supply used to cover one or more fingers in situations where a full glove is unnecessary. Like medical gloves, finger cots may be made from a variety of water-tight materials including latex, nitrile rubber, or vinyl. They function to both limit patient exposure to infectious material and to protect health professionals from contact with bodily fluids that can transmit disease. Finger cots can be used in a wide scope of medical procedures and examinations, for example, when applying a topical medication or during the digital rectal examination. Finger cots may be used when bandaging a finger as a means of both securing the bandage and protecting the bandage and wound from becoming wet.

Finger cots have a wide range of specialized applications in a variety of industries apart from health care. In electronics manufacturing (e.g., the manufacture of semiconductors), finger cots are used while handling sensitive components to prevent contamination. In the watchmaking industry they are used to keep delicate watch parts from being contaminated with grease and skin particles and also in art conservation and restoration, to protect works of art from the skin’s natural oils, which can have corrosive effects over time. In jobs that require manual labor with the hands, such as an automobile mechanic or chef, finger cots may be used to protect an injured finger so that the individual can return to work more quickly following an injury.