In BDSM, edgeplay is a subjective term for those types of activity (either sexual or mental manipulation) that may be considered to be challenging the conventional or traditional “S.S.C.” (safe, sane and consensual) creed; if one is aware of the risks and consequences then the activity(ies) would be considered RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

Edgeplay may involve the consequences of potential short or long term harm, or death, exemplified by activities such as breathplay (erotic asphyxiation), fire play, knife play, and gunplay, as well as the potential increased risk of disease seroconverting when the opportunity of bodily fluid exchange is present, such as with cutting, bloodplay, or barebacking.

The mind set of those involved in the session(s) constitutes what is edgeplay because knowledge of or experience with the activity or the partner(s) may dictate what and to what extent they will act. In the mid-nineties, the Living in Leather convention did not have panels on ageplay or scat because they were considered too extreme based on what people thought as acceptable activity if consensual by the parties involved. By 2000 they were part of what participants could potentially expect if part of their scene(s).

Some activities, such as ageplay or rape roleplay, may be edgy by some and yet to others not at all. The appropriateness of any activity is defined by those involved therefore is subjective, dependent on one’s understanding/agreement(s) in that session(s), experience(s) and acceptable risk level. The only consistent rule is that as long as something is not coercive, deceitful or injurious without prior agreement then who is to determine what is within the realm of experience of those involved. This does exclude how society may react when the outcome of the activity(ies) go beyond what can be handled between the activity partners.