A D-ring is an item of hardware, usually a metal ring shaped like the letter D. It may be used at the end of a leather or fabric strap, or may be secured to a surface with a metal or fabric strap. Applications of D-rings include:

  • For light loading applications such as clothing and luggage, D-rings made of plastics such as nylon may be used, as they weigh less and are impervious to rusting.
  • Commonly, at the end of a tow-rope or chain, to allow one to create a bow around an item or part of an item that is being towed by a vehicle. They are commonly used with a chain to tether a boat to a dock or tree when it is being moored.
  • In theatres, commonly used where a piece of scenery has to be lifted or “flown”. D-rings are attached to the tops or bottoms of flats with a “drift line” and turnbuckle attached to adjust the “trim”.
  • A D-ring on an M16 or variant type rifle is used to increase the pressure on the extractor and reduce malfunctions. This D-ring is a rubber grommet shaped like a “D” and fits over the extractor spring adding tension to it.
  • On breathing sets and scuba divers’ buoyancy compensators
  • A bit ring used on the bit of a horse.
  • A type of carabiner.
  • A part of a saddle.
  • A type of ring binder.
  • To attach a leash or tag to a dog collar or dog harness.[1]