Chastity cage

Chastity devices for men are commonly referred to as chastity cages. They are almost exclusively used as a sex toy and in BDSM play, and may enclose a man’s penis in order to make make an erection uncomfortable if the man becomes sexually aroused, and prevents masturbation, sexual intercourse and most popular forms of sexual activity. A chastity cage may be combined with toys such as a shock collar or ball crusher.

Most chastity cages consist of a ring seated around the base of the penis behind the scrotum and a tube or penis cage that holds the penis, with the two parts mating together with a hinge or pin. The combined effect is to hold the penis firmly in the penis cage so that it cannot be stimulated, and to hold the scrotum behind the cage so that it cannot be moved. The penis is held at a downwards angle so as to make an erection impossible.

A flaccid penis is inserted into the penis cage, which is perforated to allow urine to pass. Some penis cages are profiled and shaped so that the glans area is larger than the tube which holds the shaft of the penis; this enables the penis to be held more firmly in place inside the cage. The ring and cage are secured, usually with a padlock. When the device is locked, the testicles are trapped in the gap between the ring and the penis cage that is narrow enough to prevent the testicles and penis from being pulled out. The testicles are usually held in a fixed position, exposed on both sides of the cage although some designs have an additional cup that prevents easy access to the entire genital area.

Most male chastity devices are intended to be worn for lengthy periods, often days or weeks, although hygiene can be an issue since they can make cleaning the genitals difficult. The person holding the key will usually be the male’s sexual partner who may initiate sexual activity while the male still has his penis trapped in the penis cage, only releasing the genitals when they decide, in order to achieve maximum pleasure.

Chastity cages can be manufactured out of plastic or silicone which greatly reduces their cost and weight compared to stainless steel versions. When combined with tamper-evident plastic seals, plastic chastity cages permit easier access through airport security or other security restricted areas that require passage through metal detectors.